Since Then, Its Been Patched Up As Bits Broke.

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We cant really take them out as there are lots that we dont know what they are for and even whether they still work or not. Read More Lots of the infrastructure was replaced after the Second World War (Photo: James Robinson Photography) Inaccessible layers of electrical cabling make it impossible to move Wholesale Scarves in some areas (Photo: Roger Harris) Lots of the vital infrastructure was replaced after the Second World War which, even if it had been looked after properly, would have reached the end of its natural life in about 1980. Since then, its been patched up as bits broke. And the whole place is riddled with asbestos although no one is quite sure where it all is. So in 2012 it was decided the time had come for a radical overhaul. A report reckoned that knocking it down and starting again was probably the best option. wholesale scarves It said: If the palace were not a listed building of the highest heritage value, its owners would probably be advised to demolish and rebuild. Read More Visible damage to stonework and the place is riddled with asbestos (Photo: Adam Watrobski) In 2012 it was decided the time had come for a radical overhaul (Photo: Roger Harris) But no one really wants to knock it down, not least because there is a lot of really old, really cool stuff here. The doors to the Commons have the marks from decades of Black Rod banging on them. All sorts of historical figures have hung out in Westminster Hall, whose roof is held up by ancient beams in place from the 14th century. And there are the Members cloakrooms that still have storage spaces in case you want to bring in your sword. The favoured solution for repairs is to move all MPs from the building and let the engineers get stuck in. That option has been tentatively costed at about around 4billion probably by the same bloke who did my bathroom.

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