The Institute Will Take Action From, And Better Than, Cashmere.


The news of Diljit winning the award did wholesale cheap scarves not go down too well with Harshvardhan and thus began his Twitter rant. In fact, the 26-year-old actor also indulged in a Twitter war with Filmfare editor over Diljit's win. However, Diljit in a recent interview, praised Harshvardhan and said that he loves him. Talking about the controversy, Diljit told PTI, "I am not hurt. I am not sad. I am thankful to Filmfare Awards for the honour that they gave me. I don't think I was deserving enough. It's a big award (and) I think they would have seen something in me and so they gave me the award." India Today He added, "For me the love of my fans matter the most and that's the biggest award for me. I love Harshvardhan Kapoor. I also like his father Anil Kapoor, he is a superstar." Soon enough, Harshvardhan took to Twitter to apologise to the actor and wrote, "Love you to sir, have lots of respect for you and your body of work sorry if I said anything that came out wrong." Kapoor in an earlier interview had said that Diljit doesn't qualify for the Best Debut category as he has already worked in Punjabi films.

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